Friday, 8 January 2016

Are you behind proxy?

node js and proxy

npm config edit --global


or run this following command lines
npm config set proxy http://yourIP:Port/
npm config set https-proxy http://yourIP:Port/

Bower and proxy
add proxy to your .bowerrc file

  "directory": "./packages",
  "proxy": "http://yourIP:Port/",
  "https-proxy": "http://yourIP:Port/",
  "strict-ssl": false


Git and Proxy

git config --global -e

        proxy = http://yourIP:Port/
        sslVerify = false 
        proxy = http://yourIP:Port/

or directly run this following commands

git config --global http.proxy http://yourIP:Port/
git config --global https-proxy http://yourIP:Port/
git config --global strict-ssl false

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